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Help me plox.


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A guy on my profile added a negative trust, and doesn't have any proof. http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198073052372 


His statement : -rep Tried to scam my unusual and then said that he loved cheating people and making videos out of it...


The rules that he disobeyed (?) : 

  • We reserve the right to delete comments that lack quality or found to be false.
  • If you report an account and it is found to be a false report, you will be banned and all your reports will be removed.

Please look into this? And if anything,


This system is about you trusting that person or not in the trading world. I have proof that he claims he sharks and he was dishonest when I made a bet with him.


Tell me if I'm overextending and thank you for viewing. 

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As a add on note, the user who left the (fake?) -rep is banned from outpost because he is or was trade banned by steam.

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Well thanks for the help. I wanted to do this just to get rid of any tarnished rep? Because some guy offered my paypal, but because of that, he declined the trade because of my rep :c

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