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Tasty Salamanders    155
Tasty Salamanders
About 43 Ninjas    0
About 43 Ninjas

Spellbound Burning Bandana


1 of 2 that hasn't been updated in 3 years. I don't have sales for the other one, if there are any.





I have absolutely no idea what happened here.





Sold with a Haunted Ghosts Hong Kong Cone, a Collectors professional Killstreak Detonator, a Collectors Back Scratcher, Strange Special Eyes, and a Strange Siberian Sweater for a Nebula Universal Translator.





My sale. Purchased with a Time Warp Burning Bandana, a Flaming Lantern Napper's Respite, and a Spellbound Prancer's Pride. Had a buyout of 102 keys but I have no way of proving that.

It's not going anywhere.

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Tasty Salamanders    155
Tasty Salamanders


So contacted the person who "sold" it and it turned out it was scammed off them. At the time they told me the person wasn't marked or banned. They're banned on bp.tf now but are still active on Outpost (which surprises me somewhat): http://imgur.com/a/6nU5s


Ended up giving the guy some compensation for it: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198159828753#!/compare/1494892800/1495065600

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Litronom    4

Bought the Molten Mallard Sleeveless in Siberia
The deal included: C Heart KE + Burning Western Wear + Ooze Ninja Hood + Aces High Coldsnap Cap + Aces High Casemaker + Darkblaze Pompadour + Steaming Naggenvatcher + Vivid Bomb Beanie + Isotope Pro KS Blue Mew SMG (FT) + 77 Keys pure on my end

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About 43 Ninjas    0
About 43 Ninjas

I set the price too high now I'll provide evidence to drop it...


Vivid Plasma Burning Bandana

1/3. One is mine and has not moved and will not be moving.



Ok I know this hat is overpriced but this looks wicked low. Sold for strange pro ks axtinguisher, strange spec ks festive flare gun, strange professional killstreak degreaser with 2 parts, strange mutated milk (1.35 keys), 3 keys, and 5 refined. 

Axe: http://backpack.tf/classifieds?item=Axtinguisher&quality=11&tradable=1&craftable=1&australium=-1&killstreak_tier=3Lowest classifieds is 24 refined

Flare: http://backpack.tf/classifieds?item=Festive%20Flare%20Gun&quality=11&tradable=1&craftable=1&australium=-1&killstreak_tier=2Lowest is 1.35 keys.

Degreaser: http://backpack.tf/classifieds?item=Degreaser&quality=11&tradable=1&craftable=1&australium=-1&killstreak_tier=3Lowest is 6.6 keys.

~13 keys



Sold to scrap.tf. Very messy, hard to tell what exactly it sold for, but scrap would buy mine for 21 keys, 28 refined metal, 2 scrap. (was in this users backpack for a day, could be considered a quicksell)

~22 keys



Purchased from scrap.tf for 27 keys, 8 refined metal, 2 reclaimed metal after 8 days unsold.

~27 keys

New owner is trying to sell it for 40 keys.

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Foamy the Fearsome    632
Foamy the Fearsome
some doable suggestions:


Scorching flames razor cut: 180-190

Sold for GE belt(~129, see below) + PE slouch (~49) + steaming stove (~11)

~189, can be rounded to 190


Something with a tesla law, taw ff and misty sack (potentially a 2:2)

Tesla law is probably high, better there I guess (not sure bout other sales tho)


Sold for moon ballcap (~100) + hearts brigrade (~40) + max (~19) + strange prof pan (~9) + 9 pure and ~5 in sweets

~182, can be rounded to 180


Bulk for beams rack, low if used here


Technically you can go ahead and figure out the law, but since it was dropped conservatively last time, i presume that sale will be high here


Moon ballcap: 90-110

lol pool parties


Beams harmburg (~110)


Tesla bite (~44) + burning letch

Can be used for letch, nothing else


I havent the foggiest




Low/should be used for the KE; sold with the djustice for it

or the justice is grossly overpriced. dunno

Buyer reselling for 90 (Merendas)


Cap can be left open until it sells I guess, or can wait until the seller matures, but as a mini itll suffice already


Collateral Burning letch: 56 flat

With tesla bite (~44) for moon ballcap (~100)


GE belt: 125-132

Sold for gbh belt + 7 keys



Seller at 125 in classies (Yurchik)

Other two sales are bulk or cashout shenanigans


Close enough together I guess. may wait for the seller to sell; as mini itll definitely suffice


Roboactive wraith: 185 flat

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/28890926BO 185, which supports the razor suggestion as mentioned


Scorching noble: 100-110

80 pure + swirl fubar (fits range probably)


70 pure, probably low


vivid skid (~75) + smoking salty (~34)



Peace bomber (~80) + orbfire marauder (~18) + stormy AA (~20*) + minor sweets

Caps at 110 unless the AA is less than 12 which it isnt 


No idea


Beams tree (~87) + blizz drill (~22)



Bulk arcana bonk

Seller in the classifieds at 100, though young. (karma miguel)

Can be worth waiting for that to mature. if it does or if it sells itll be fine. I presume the fubar sale will support 100 either way.



Stormy 13th hour bomber: 260-270


Sold for hearts BoA (~285)

Caps at 260


Sold for RA wraith (~185) + scorching noble (~105) + beams Bombing run(~30)

Caps at 270


I bought one here as part of a deal for my AF muffs, which is the sale that belongs to the low end on the muffs suggestion

where it caps at the BO of 280, setting the low end there.

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Purplicious    62

Disco Beat Down Tam O' Shanter

#1 Sold for a Max's Head + 1 earbuds


http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/29185818-  b/o 20 keys


#2 Sold for 22 keys


http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/29193544- b/o 22 keys (raised my price because i sold it fast the first time)




Morning Glory Grimm Hatte

Sold for 63 keys



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xTH3RM4Lx    46
Kapparoach    0

Kill-a-Watt Bonk Helm & Terror-Watt Gentleman's Gatsby


I traded the Bonk Helm for the Gatsby + 1 key

The Gatsby is also involved in the trade below.




Duped Sulphurous Big Chief & Circling Peace Sign Ol' Snaggletooth + TW Gatsby


I traded the Peace Sign Ol' Snaggletooth & the TW Gatsby + 2 keys for the Big Chief

I have no intentions on reselling the Big Chief anytime soon.




Bonk Helm (Clean): http://backpack.tf/item/4144420734

Gatsby (Clean): http://backpack.tf/item/2347260376

Ol' Snaggletooth (Clean): http://backpack.tf/item/4921617217

Big Chief (Duped): http://backpack.tf/item/1661801192

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Rahoul Mombo    0
Rahoul Mombo

Patience is the key finally found one of these on the market


Bought Burning Tartan Tyrolean for Scorching L'homme Burglerre+Screaming Tiger Party Trick+Orbiting Planets Robo Noble.





Party Trick
Not reselling by the way.

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Adolf Storms    233
Adolf Storms

Cloud 9 woolen warmer + Circling heart beak


Anti-Freeze Muffs (price done this month) @ 290


I know the CH beak has had at least one recent sale, but this is about a 50/50 split on the c9 woolen and ch beak

Anyone wanna take this on?

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Purplicious    62
✪ Vergo ✪ |⚡️| [⇄]    96
✪ Vergo ✪ |⚡️| [⇄]

Bonzo the All-Gnawing Brotherhood of Arms


SALE 1: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198197516958#!/compare/1499040000/1499126400

Bought it for a Vivid Plasma Fancy Fedora (40) + a Haunted Phantasm Jr. Buckaroos hat (30) + a Nebula Phononaut (248) + a Frostbite Cotten Head (330) + 135 keys pure ~ 783


SALE 2: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198069199626#!/compare/1498435200/1498521600

Sold with 160 keys for a Scorching Flames Tough Stuff Muffs (800)

= 640



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Purplicious    62
Purplicious    62

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