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  1. 1. Have you ever lost all your effort from a price suggestion?

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    • What are donkeys? (AKA I haven't made any suggestions)

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I just made a whole entire price suggestion on an item 2600 letters long, and it took a long time and a lot of effort.


I click submit. And what do you know? My internet drops out. So I go back and...


NOTHING. It's all gone. I'm pretty damned unhappy right now. 


So I was just wondering, has anyone else had something similar to this happen to them as well? Let me know, I'm intrigued to see if I'm not the only one. :3

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Sometimes I accidentally Ctrl+W'd some suggestions when closing outpost trades quickly. I normally give up and try again in 1~2 days

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Yeah, but it's not like I ever put any real work in them. Basically spend 5 minutes finding links, or just copy paste what long had gathered and give it the appropriate range

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It's happened to me a couple times with unusual ones. I find a link that sold for unpriced ones, then I just say "eh, fuck it." 


And then I request someone else do it in the thread. 

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