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Marketplace link not working on skins


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E.g. if we look at this item


https://backpack.tf/stats/Strange/Rainbow | Flame Thrower (Field-Tested)/Tradable/Craftable


If we press on the marketplace icon



We are taken to the wrong page https://marketplace.tf/items/tf2/208;11;w3;pk67




When in reality the page should be:







For some reason we get:


instead of



Everything in the link is right, except that it shows 208 rather than 15090, which I believe it means it is using 208 (the weapon number for the flame thrower) rather than 15090 which is the weapon number for a decorated flame thrower and/or a rainbow skinned flamethrower (e.g. if we change it to 15091 in the link we get the rainbow grenade launcher for demoman)

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