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[Price-check] Summer 2023 Unu warpaints


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1. image.png.fc9fe16ea624c50165832f5b02eb9a3f.png      2.  image.png.97fd6e1e286e7b364a0d295a8e4cbfe3.png  3.  image.png.bd0c73d9a253cb20601bc783f1d9fd9e.png



Unboxed these recently.

Sorry for low reso pictures! Don't know what's causing it.

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better texture resolution
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The two merc grades, just whatever they're going for on SCM. Fairly easy sells.


Business class? Hard to say! On instinct I'd say maybe 60-70 keys, but it's subjective.

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For number 1, Business class has that "special wear" to it. The more worn it becomes, instead of showing the original weapon's texture it shows an entirely new texture. And with it also being isotope and assassin-grade, I can definitely say it's worth 50+ keys



For number 2, Battle-scarred unusual war paints generally sell between 20-25 keys

And for number 3, I got a friend whos selling basically the same war paint for 40 keys, I would recommend somewhat around the same price range. cool.PNG.a0a8b948c57bf0c9ac6ad0087ff5e7d8.PNG



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8 hours ago, Beef said:

Brozeto please up the graphics a single notch.

done! didn't realise that my graphics were set to medium instead of very high

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