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(PRICE CHECK) unusual kazotsky kick : Blazing Beacon


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Backpack.tf doesn't yet have the new effects listed on their site. I was wondering what do you think this might be worth? Is blazing beacon effect low-, mid- or hightier effect?

Thank you for helping!

kazotsky kick.png

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  • ZesTrek changed the title to (PRICE CHECK) unusual kazotsky kick : Blazing Beacon

Backpack classified listings for that taunt/effect: https://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Taunt%3A Kazotsky Kick/Tradable/Craftable/3119

There is a seller on Marketplace at $130 rn, feels a bit high to me. Beaming Beacon is listed at 50 keys, Blazing will probably not sell for more than that. I would put it at about 45 keys, maybe a bit less. 


It's a big effect with decent colour/visuals, it's sister effects might be a bit more desireable, especially Beaming Beacon. I would call it a upper mid tier effect, nothing crazy but pretty good.

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