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Price check on these two Unusuals, one hat one taunt


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I recently picked up tf2 again and unboxed an unusual hat and taunt kit. I'm not good when it comes to pricing these things up but looking around on various forums, trading / selling sites (the usual tf2 sites) i can not find any information about the combinations i have unboxed.

The hat is an Arctic Mole with the Hard Carry effect and the taunt is the Table Tantrum with the Solar Scorched effect.

I did see however that the hard carry was released with the summer 2023 update, correct me if im wrong, so could this be why there is no information of it online.

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Table tantrum you can probably find other listings and compare pricings on Steam community market, the arctic mole probably is gonna be unique but its a low desired hat with the worst effect this update so i wouldn't keep my hopes up for an insane price, hell if its tradeable id just list at like 40-50 and try to offer it around since its "1/1" until backpack decides to start checking inventories again.

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Brand new effects released not long ago. I will give you a good estimation at the very least just by looking at relative/similar items. (i.e. same hat with effects that match close enough in range in quality, other sellers of your items (if any), and just a general opinion too)


The Arctic Mole averages around 25-30 keys per hat usually on most of the variants. It is one of the newest winter hats released so there ain't much to determine for any different effects besides the effects released alongside it in that update and the regular gen effects (burning flames, purple energy, etc.) Unsure if your unusual is 1 of 1 right now, though it probably won't be for long if so. I'd sit on around 40-50 keys and take offers until other sellers pop up and until mid September hits where all the new effects can no longer be unboxed in any case.


The taunt I'd probably say 15 keys just based on other taunts on the market with that effect that match similar desirability of the table tantrum. Maybe sit on 20 keys for bow til other owners of your taunt roll in and sell it.


* Again, these are all just guesstimations, so don't take them as fully factual. Im just trying to help determine prices to hopefully give ya some ideas. These are also opinionated in a way on what me, myself, and my gut feel on their value as well.

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There will come a time where soon where the people choosing to answer every single price check question will become so jaded they barrage the people asking with shit like this 

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