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Can someone help me price this Top Shelf Knife


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Craft price for that collection and wear seems to be ~120 keys atm with 100 stat clocks being about 25 keys and 100 civ field tested gents being ~ 185 USD on steam market.

The knife is typically the 2nd most expensive Merc grade Gent after the High Roller's Medi.

So I would guess it's probably worth in the ballpark of 180ish keys, I know that revolvers have been moving for ~150 keys in the last few months and they are usually a bit cheaper.

(also this suggestions would support a price of ~180 keys: https://backpack.tf/suggestion/6413f33e686bc0bad70b68e4)


If you want to sell it, I would recommend listing it for like 200+ and then just let it sit on classifieds.

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1 hour ago, thE siLEncE said:

Oof! That is a nice one :) Really suppressing the urge to do another one of these trade-ups. 

they break da bank

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