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digital art + sfm poster commissions!

sopping wet beast

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hello!! i'm wes :) and as the title states, i am taking commissions!! i'll do both digital drawings and sfm posters! 


i take cosmetic case keys (ghoulish gains 2022/winter 2022), ghoulish gains warpaint keys, refined metal, or discord nitro because i dont have a paypal atm xD (or a combo of these, i'm not picky)

(or i'll take certain cosmetics) (i'm easily bribe-able lmao)


things i will do:
- tf2 fanart/ocs

- non-tf2 ocs

- ship art

- mild gore (no idea how to do that in sfm though)

things i will not do:

- nsfw

- complicated backgrounds (mainly for art, i'll do mildly complicated bgs in posters)

- furries/mechas (i'm sorry i just can't draw em)


portrait/pfp: 2 keys

halfbody: 4 keys

fullbody: 6 keys

+1 key for each additional person


just send me a message on steam!! my steam profile >:)  have some examples of my work!128799312_pyroremake.thumb.png.eaaaf749e8ce0b49e92044883a9b582e.png432649745_neneredraw.thumb.png.97b80dd9a2896a5fa3e68fbfd8a17b22.png202862254_scoutcroptop.thumb.png.a44327210b78cc4f7072cb7865f9983e.png974391964_theslushieincident.thumb.png.7330c86c405470bcabe9cfd673eeb056.png



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