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The Vaccinator Collector will be returning!


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Hello everyone! My name is Lucyfer, also known as the Vaccinator Collector.


I recently put my collection on pause, and I am happy to announce, that I will be returning in the first week of February!


So what does this mean for you?


Well, if you follow my discord, you will know that I was planning to have a giveaway hosted for when I return. And I was sorta scratching my head with ideas on what to do/how to host this giveaway, and I think I have an idea that fits the theme.


I will be giving away 36 keys for every 1000 Vaccinators bought on the first day


"But thats a lot! Theres no way we can reach that!"

I have a couple sellers in my discord who have between 1000-3000 vaccinators stored. So I'm pretty sure we're already going to hit 5000 right off the bat from them.

Now the problem with buying thousands of items in a day, obviously comes with the complications of steam trading, and the 1000000 posts of "I cant load my backpack help" so I will give some leeway. The timer will not continue if the bot runs out of metal, or is unable to accept trades.

For the vaccinators to count towards the total, it must be purchased through my bot on the day I return. I will make another post a couple days in advance to let you know the surefire date when I will be returning.


Lemme know what yall think! I missed you guys ❤️


Edit: Do keep note of how many Vaccinators I buy after 24 hours. This will be on the exam!

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2 minutes ago, Al Solae said:

I can't tell if this is a meme, a cult, or mass hysteria. 

Cult, definitely a cult.

sooo....       wanna join? Theres free kool aid :)

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