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Biggest leak in Valve's history


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8 hours ago, ArtKitCat said:

I don’t know why everyone is saying it’s the end, this repo is dated around 2016. Before jungle inferno.

the vid said it was 2015,so wouldn't it make pre-meet your match as well?

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Now that I think of it, Richter's "It's over" is probably referring to the fact that there probably won't be other massive TF2 leaks in the future since this one pretty much contains all the scrapped work Valve was doing (61 GBs, after all). However, he could have presented the video in a better way; still clickbait is, to me.

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It's inaccurate clickbait, but how else are guys like Tyler McVicker supposed to remain relevant without exaggerating the details? If you're going to talk about something as old as TF2, then you have to make a big deal out of it.

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