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my inventory aint updating


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Steam API is down, this means that the site simply is not able to update backpacks. You have to wait until Valve (hopefully) fixes the problem quickly.

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Funny, these guys make Billions on the game through micro-transactions and they cannot allocate enough funds to have the coders fix the bugs.  I have been using Steam since the beginning and all to familiar with updates breaking the server plugins or crashing the game, or worse alienating those using older operating systems that are clearly identified as "Supported" when you bought it and no longer can play without upgrading your operating system.  Without careful consideration for features in the software always results in breaking the features.  Most often, they are casualties of upgrades, left behind because it costs too many cents to consider re-adding.


But this is a corporate world, which wants to profit from this practice, so yea.  Wouldn't surprise me if this place ends up being scrapped like so many other great sites which made the game Great.  Nothing good lasts forever.


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Needed to reword it, as I often do after proof reading a few minutes after.
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