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Unusual More Gun Marshal With Circling Heart Price Check


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As the title states, I unboxed my first crate last night and got an Unusual More Gun Marshal with the Circling Heart effect. I've been looking everywhere online for prices on it, but yielded no results. My TF2 veteran friend tells me that it could very well be the first item of its kind to be unboxed, but I want to see what y'all think about it. Any help is appreciated!


I attached the video file of the unboxing below, so hopefully it gives ya some more helpful info about the item.


Also, this is my first post on here, so I'm sorry if there's an issue with my formatting!


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It is the first unboxed most likely, but it's a relatively mid tier effect on a middle of the road engie hat. I'd say between 15-30 keys.

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