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Item Pricing Help - Forever and Forever! Victorian Villainy

Some Setere

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I recently unboxed a Forever and Forever! Victorian Villainy, and need help with an at least general idea of a price for it. FaF! looks like a good effect and the VV is an assassin grade hat, but I'm still unsure of what to really ask for it if someone asks, thanks.



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Stop posting about new item pricing help! im tired of seeing! my friends on steam asked to price the hat,on discord its about help with pricing! I was in a backpack.tf forum, right? and all the of latest forum threads were just pricing help stuff. I-I showed my new unusual hat to my girlfriend and pointed to the hat and I said "hey babe, how much does this cost? HAHA unboxing sounds" I looked at the new hat just recently unboxed and said "Thats should worth 2 scraps at least" aaaaaaaaaaaahgesfg

Fr we don't even know how much it could even sell for

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Just a simple headsup, most newly unboxed unusual's usually wont have a price, as they could be bought for hype value yet tank very fast if said hype dies down. This ussualy takes quite some time. What you can do is check the steam community market and see what others have sold for and try gaging it from that. Hope it helps!

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Hard to say, considering its a new hat with a new effect, and it being 1/1 with no prior sales.

There is no "price" for this hat. The price is what someone will pay for it. If you want the hat to have a price made through a price suggestion, you need to sell the hat first lol.


Based on hats with the same effect, probably in the range of 50-120+

Based on the same hat with other Halloween effects, probably in the range of 70-200+


I personally wouldn't list for less than 250, but would stay open to offers



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