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Question about war paint trade-ups.


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So, I am trying to get a unusual strange war paint but either there are none out there for sale or they are out of my price range currently so I was wondering how trade ups work for this. (Forgive me, I am very much new to a lot of the newer systems in TF2)
The question is: If I get 10 Strange <Same Type> War Paint (Factory New) and trade them up, would I get a strange unusual version of that paint or would it just give me the next tier quality of one of the other War Paints in that collection?
If the latter is true, is it only possible to get a Strange Unusual War Paint purely from unboxing/buying from someone else?

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Unfortunately, it will give you the next tier quality of one of the war paints of the collection.


The only way to get an unusual/strange unusual war paint is by unboxing cases or by buying from someone else. there's no easy way to get one.



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If you trade-up 10 strange homogeneous warpaints, you will get always get the strange next-grade warpaint.

I am not sure but I heard that putting strange item in trade-up increases the chance of getting strange drop by ~ 10%

But I can't confirm it.


Unusual warpaints can only be uncrated 

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To answer the main question: You cannot put unusuals in the trade up window.


To provide general information about trade ups because I love them:

You cannot mix stranges and non-stranges in a trade up. You cannot mix grades. You can mix wears.


The trade up rolls 1-10 and picks the X item to perform the actual "trade up" on (simplified). The chosen item gives its wear and collection to the traded up item so 5 BS and 5 FN items would have a 50/50 chance of making a BS or FN item. Performing a "10%" is a way to gamble for a really valuable item by putting a desired collection's item in with 9 junk items of the same quality and grade and hoping the item chosen for the trade up is the valuable one. Of note is you will have better odds doing a 20% trade up than 2 10%s because the odds of not hitting 2 10%s is 81% as opposed to the odds of not hitting a 20% trade up being only 80%. This extends to all gambling trade ups from 10-100%.

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