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When tf2 hallowen starts do the taunt prices go up?


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why taunts in particular ?


spelled items should go up in price,on paper at least ; from what i've observed in the last 2 years , not really


i think crates will go up because (and please confirm / correct me on this , i don't know much about unusuals) , during halloween / christmas you can get the new effects on items from older cases so there's a good chance of getting a 1 of 1 or a really rare hat + effect combination at least


again,i'm not sure because i don't unbox and don't really care about unusuals

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i was planning to hold my taunts and ,sell thats why and  i wanted to know if the price would go up so if i should sell now or wait to get more profits


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Depends on where the taunt prices are before the event, and which taunts we're talking about


Due to the new effects which can be unusualified, there is an increased demand. While some people certainly make sure they've got taunts and unusualifiers ready to go beforehand, there's also a lot of people unboxing new unusualifiers - and it makes a lot of sense to use them while the limited effects are available. 

The more desirable taunts (schadenfreude, conga etc) tend to be the ones which get inflated a bit more but the ceiling is tied to what the taunt sells for from the in-game store. Only reasons you'd pay more that in-game store are because you have keys instead of steambux and because if you trade for one, the unusual taunt won't be on trade cooldown (unless either the original taunt or unusualifier was on cooldown.)


This year however a lot of taunts are already not far off the in-game store price before the event - so there already isn't much room to grow.

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