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New Rare Paint Pattern?


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I'd like to introduce the new best skin in tf2, the Sh*t Scope




That's right folks, if you get a properly randomized Pina Polished paint you can snipe through a lens covered in last night's taco bell while tossing piss on your enemies

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12 minutes ago, Fr3unen said:

Insane, how much?

20 quid

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I may or may not be the owner of a few variants of shit-splattered Mannana Peeled Skins. If you're ever looking to offload that, I am collecting shitscopes.
I have yet to unbox/tradeup/come across a 100% Pina shitscope, so very nice snag.

1/2 and 1/2 'o' face I unboxed

Examples of a 95% Mannana


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