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ror's ✨ NEW ✨ SFM Commissions


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I'm now open once more for SFM and general graphic design commissions!

My prices are:


- Profile Pictures: 6 USD
- Full Posters: 12 USD
- Gifs (Animated Still Pictures/Graphics/Backgrounds/etc): 15+ USD
- Animations/Animation Loops: 15+ USD
- Video Thumbnails/Banners/etc: add me to discuss


All payments are made through Paypal, prices may fluctuate depending on complexity/behind the scenes work.

I can do almost anything, and I do post-render editing aswell.


All my work can be found on my artwork section on Steam:


As well as my Workshop contributions:



If interested send me a friend request or leave a message on my profile, cheers!

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Don't know if you will see this or not but do ya still do commissions? 

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