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which of these effects looks cooler to you

F2P Σίγμα

Divine Desire or Condescending Embrace (blu)?  

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  1. 1. Divine Desire or Condescending Embrace (blu)?

    • Divine Desire
    • Condescending Embrace (Blu)

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To me they're about equal so it would depend much more on what hat you plan on getting it on, and other little factors like what colour your other cosmetics are painted, which skins you have, which colour killstreakers you're using

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honestly at first glance i like condesceding embrace line up of effects but after seeing it ingame i was very dissapointed, loudout. tf didnt do a good job of demoing the effect. i still havent seen divine desire but i think its better than 2021 winter effects

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1 hour ago, MFB Goobie said:

divine, simply because condescending is literally just a copy paste of a taunt effect.


And the fact that you have all the visibility of Bonzo, with all the fanciness of Subatomic.

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