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Discovered efficient way to find crafted and signed items from a particular player and create a searchable datasheet of an item history.


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Hey everyone,


I have found an efficient way to look through a particular player's item history to find items gifted or crafted by that player and at the same time create a searchable data sheet of that players entire tf2 item history. Using this method you can have a concise, searchable data sheet of their item history in about 5 minutes and links to the history of every signed or crafted item in another 5 minutes. This is infinitely faster than clicking through every page of the players item history on bp.tf premium which was previously the only way I could find to accomplish this task.


In short you:

1) Download all the ZIP files with their item history from their profile page on bp.tf

2) Extract all of the JSON files, convert them to CSV and merge into one CSV (this requires some downloadable software)

3) Open the file in excel and delete duplicate entries (about 90% of the entries will be duplicates)

4) at this point you have their item history in a searchable inventory. To find signed and crafted items, sort by the column items__attributes__account_info__steamid

5) copy the item_id for all items and convert them into clickable links, open all the links at once and sort through them at your leisure. 


I know this is an extremely niche need and few other players would want to do this, however, if there is enough interest I can create a more detailed guide on how to accomplish this.


Notes: This method is limited to items which show in in the players bp.tf premium item history, so if a player has had a private inventory for several years, the items which that player had during those year would not be accessible.

This method does require backpack.tf premium

This method will parse the items which have an item attribute account info attached to the item. If this information was wiped from the item it would not be as easily found this way.




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