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prof ks help

we do a little trolling

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3 minutes ago, ApothicЯ said:

Don't listen to the guy above, it's worth at least 30, even maybe 40 keys

FH/TS is the god-tier KS, don't let it go for that cheap

I agreed i remembered the rocket launcher kit with similar sheen and eyes is priced at 80k so 40k for the original is pretty decent

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2 hours ago, we do a little trolling said:

so i got this fire horns team shine prof original ks kit,is it fair to charge more than the current price? 

https://backpack.tf/stats/Unique/Professional Killstreak Kit/Tradable/Non-Craftable/3-513 currently goes for 15 keys but for average killstreakers/sheens

im thinking about 3-5 keys more, but im not sure. thoughts?

You may wanna update your trade link, it's invalid

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