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My 2020 Scream Fortress Cosmetic Tier List


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My own list (stuff within tiers isn't ordered):


S- Mannvich

Easily one of the best head cosmetics. If it had voice lines it'd probably be the best.


A- Wavefinder, Misfortune Fedora, Seared Sorcerer, Pop-Eyes

Wavefinder and Fedora are animated which is sick and the Seared Sorcerer is just multiple cosmetics combined, allowing for a more comprehensive Pyromancer loadout. The Pop-Eyes I despise for not being Halloween Restricted, but operating under the fact they aren't, they are a really unique cosmetic that offers the opportunity to do a lot of funky and strange loadouts that weren't possible before. I still hate that they're unrestricted though.


B- Calamitous Cauldron, Semi-Tame Trapper's Hat, Ghoul Box, Goblineer, Boom Boxers, Balloonicorpse, Treehugger

Cauldron and Balloonicorpse are great Halloween renditions of classic cosmetics (Bucket/Balloonicorn), and are at least decently-usable year-round. The Trapper Hat is just a solid thematic cosmetic for Soldier though I don't think it looks that amazing. The Ghoul Box actually looks great, it's just not that exciting. Goblineer and Treehugger look solid and opens the doors to some creative loadouts. Boom Boxers is funny.


C- Fire Tooth, Handsome Devil, Gourd Grin, All Hallows' Hatte, Pug Mug

The Pug Mug is fine, but it really isn't anything exciting. Head cosmetics rarely do much for me. Gourd Grin is just a Bruiser's Bandana with less uses. And the Tooth, Devil, and Hatte all literally exist already (Nose Candy, Noh Mercy, Crone's Dome [Plus now half a dozen more point witch hat reskins...]), so while they don't look bad they bring literally nothing to the table. Epitome of 'meh'.


D- Flavorful Baggies, Glow from Below, Hollowed Helm, Wrap-A-Khamon, A Handsome Handy Thing

Baggies miss the chance to give Pyro clown shoes, so instead they're just mediocre clown pants. Glow from Below is...weird, I can see it working with Sniper Fisher loadouts but that's like one specific aesthetic and it's still a weird choice. Hollowed Helm is a cool idea that I think just missed the mark on execution. Wrap-A-Khamon is a really interesting...thing? Like it's barely a hat, it's a massive character sitting on your head. At least it looks neat. Handy is a really clever idea, a good execution, and just not a good hat cosmetic. The hand needed to be a shoulder mount, or better yet, have it attach several hands all over you a-la the new spider cosmetic.


F- Grounded Flyboy, War Blunder, Rolfe Copter, King Cardbeard, Impish Ears, Sir Pumpkinton

All the crappy cardboard plane cosmetics are dumpster tier. I've never seen anyone wear them, they clip with almost any taunt that uses a prop, they 'work' with any pilot-esque loadout but any other cosmetic that fits the theme does it more justice. Rolfe Copter can be F+ tier for having a great reference I guess? King Cardbeard is just an uglier Captain Cardbeard, which is impressive because that cosmetic was already terrible. Impish Ears have an ugly headband, clip or look bad on 6 of the 9 classes due to head coverings, and generally just don't look very good. Sir Pumpkinton is all the same issues of the Wrap, but now it looks worse!

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7 hours ago, Xaeriel said:

Prime example of "different people have different tastes" I guess


Honestly I made this the day of the release (of these cosmetics), looking purely at the workshop, not in-game, so this isn't the most accurate list, pug wasn't restricted (So that would have to be moved down in tier), the Sir Pumpkinton would be moved up in tier, The Wavefinder I'm not sure if it came in the game animated like it was submitted 



As I think it is only static which makes it go down in tier value a lot


Probably other stuff I should note but lazy haha

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