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What are the most expensive regular Warpaints or at least best looking ones?


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Electroshocked is very expensive, even in non-strange. It's basically Thunderbolt Mk.II; if you like the Thunderbolt Sniper Rifle, you'll like Electroshocked. Pairs very well w/ Kill-a-Watt (and to a lesser extent Terror Watt), so there's that too.

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54 minutes ago, Yellowsubs said:

autumn is my favorite,it has a rare pink variant and im only slightly obsessed with it


Same, been looking into getting an Autumn Shotgun with nice colours, only have a lame brown one at the moment.

Might have to settle for MW, because it seems like all the nice (original) Civilian Skins have gone up in price. Makes me wish I nabbed some more FN Dressed to Kill weapons (still working on that though)

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On 10/24/2021 at 12:42 PM, n_n said:

Here's a good tier list but of course it's one person's opinion so take everything with a grain of salt.



oh no zesty jesus

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