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How to instantly 250 keys profit by Poes aka Dom (repost from the trading forum page)


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Skinbaron has a wandering wraith with pumpkin moon listed for 400 euros (~285 keys). This new hat is assassin grade and a quickswitch. I have heard people say this would instantly quicksell for 500 keys pure. Anyhow, I cant get it because you need to verify ID (which I did months ago) for purchases over 80 euros and need to verify adres for purchases over 250 euro. Each verification takes about 5 working days. I have only been ID verified so I cant buy it rn and verifying adres will take too long. Anyhow putting it up here for someone else to enjoy this easy quick deal. 


Link to purchase:



Skinbaron.de - fuck the buyer.


Btw there also is a hidden 10% buyer fee making this 440 euros but still enormous profits.


- Poes out 


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