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How to achieve world domination with a half empty bottle of powerade


Bees love powerade. I know this firsthand from the stadiums at my school. So, you bring a half empty bottle of powerade to school, and the bees will go crazy. Get about 10-50 bees in the bottle and then close the cap. That’ll probably make them angry, so be gentle about it. Then, bring it into the class and shake up the bottle. This will make the bees angry, and you can use it as a grenade. Once you have the classroom under your control and the bees are calm, take the bees out. In exchange for honey (and their souls), you will teach them how to kill without using their stingers. Soon, you will have a lethal combat force of entirely bees. Take them to the White House and confront the president, telling him to hand over the nuclear launch codes or else everyone in the White House dies from your lethal combat bees. Then, once you have the codes, threaten every single country in the world, threatening to launch the nukes unless every country elects you god-king. You now have control over the world, all thanks to a half-empty powerade bottle.

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