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What is going on with Batsabers?


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5 minutes ago, Helix002 said:

They nearly tripled in price out of nowhere. Did someone buy up a bunch or something? What???

Yep, someone bought over a thousand dollars worth of them very recently.

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Just another pump target, happens here, happens in Magic the Gathering, happens on Wall Street as well, only difference is here is not regulated by the SEC so price manipulation isn't Illegal.  Though what Wall Street does is much more nuanced.

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Looks like the buyorders are led by one guy and a few bots. Definitely super inflated. It'll be fun to come back in a few months and see if the price stuck or not.


Edit: Buyorders have already fallen 30~ keys in one day lol

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I think it will remain there for a long time now. Maybe, it will fall down to the same price as a Corona Australis at 60 keys.

  1. More people are unboxing invasion crates than I've ever seen even though they cost like 3.5 - 4 keys each.
  2. It's just the content in there is a lot profitable then the others. So maybe that's why the prices went up a lot.
  3. Also, there's that investing thing like CSGO items as some people stocked them up watching the other invasion crate items prices.
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