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backpack.tf trust doesn't make sense in the slightest


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1 hour ago, ѕιи said:

So for the sake of discussion: would people actually be interested in completely wiping out all positive trusts if there was a rule implemented to require evidence?


That's not a good idea, especially for those who spent years to build up their reputation to where it's at right now.



If a rule was implemented to require evidence in trusts, trust could be split into two categories (eg: old trust, new trust). The user would also get a disclaimer that this rule was added so that they would know before posting trusts.


That's just how I imagine it.

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I like the idea of leaving the old trusts but making it so that any new trusts show proof.  That might be a lot of work though, but it makes the most sense and will keep the older traders happy that all their hard work did not just disappear.

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I know for a fact that trust ratings where there was no trust given to the rating receiver (ie. paying first through F&F Paypal) get removed, but this system hinges on the ratings being reported. If it can't be proved either way, the rating remains, which makes it rather easy to manipulate if a concerted effort was made by multiple parties.
Remember that you can always insist on a trusted middleman if you have any misgivings. If they insist on using their own middleman, or outright refuse, abort the trade and report any accounts involved to Steamrep directly - just don't expect a ban.

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