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Unusual Hat suggestions, Effect: Purple Energy


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Well unluckily you're shopping at a time where P. Energy is skyrocketing for some dumb ass reason.


Just check


and use loadout.tf to try loadouts and see what hats you like, then go from there.


If you're on a bit of a budget the more affordable hats that don't look like ass to me are the Vampire Vanquisher, Slope Scopers, Brass Bucket, Shellmet, and Defiant Spartan.


If you can do up to 100 then the Ground Control and Spook Specs aren't too shabby.


If you're absolutely on a low-as-possible budget, get a Sky High Fly Guy and quickswitch-glitch a regular Whirly Warrior on to hide how crap that hat is.


Never ever do a totally junk/crap looking hat that you can't hide with a quick-switched Whirly Warrior, otherwise you're gonna eventually regret it / wish your character didn't look so goofy/dumb.

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Purple Energy Head Hedge. It's a camo/hedge hat that's 32k, which is strangely low-priced IMO. The toy soldier is 2 keys cheaper, but is much worse.

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OP should really provide a range for what he's looking to spend.


If money is no object, get a rack or stash so you can combo it.


If you've got a decent bit of keys to spend but don't want to take out a small loan to buy a hat, The Tyrants is king IMO.

The kabuto, drill hat, spook specs are also nice options


If you're trying to go mid range, as mcextraTTV mentioned, the Furious Fukaamigasa is a bit slept on. Armored Authority, Slope Scopes, Defiant Spartan, Condor Cap, etc. are also good choices.


Below that you have to be careful of what you're buying because options start to look really ugly. The sky high fly guy isn't a terrible option and is very affordable.

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