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The 2021 Homepage Contest


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Hello everyone, it's time for another homepage contest!


We are currently accepting new design submissions for the backpack.tf homepage and we'd love for as many people as possible to get involved! This is by no means an SFM-only contest, and we welcome all artists with varying art styles to compete.


This competition will run in two stages: submissions and voting. We're excited to see what you come up with!




The submission period runs from now until 12 PM UTC on the 1st of October! Submit each submission as its own thread here in this very board. Attach the image to the post or include it with img tags; it's up to you!




In the past, we've had users vote on their favorite submissions and pick those to be our winners. Due to the upcoming redesign, we'll instead have our staff vote on their favorite submissions. Voting will begin sometime in the afternoon on the 2nd of October!


We may prune entries prior to starting to remove rule-breaking or inappropriate submissions.




Due to the upcoming redesign, it won't be possible for us to have structured winners like before. Instead, we've decided to award $50 marketplace.tf gift cards for our favorite submissions!


We may organize a smaller prize for runners up depending on number of entries received.



  • Maximum of 2 submissions per user.
  • If you need to update your submission, just edit the thread.
  • If you want to withdraw a submission entirely, replace the thread OP with the text [SUBMISSION REMOVED] and we'll ignore it and eventually remove it entirely.
  • High DPI is quickly becoming the norm these days, so final versions of submissions need to be rendered at 4K resolution (3840px wide). These don't have to be rendered straight away, but if your submission is selected then we'll need the highest quality version possible.
  • The bottom-most edge of your background needs to be able to seamlessly merge into a single colour. It doesn't matter what colour, but your image shouldn't abruptly end. The current TF2 backpack.tf backgrounds all achieve this in their own way.
  • No signature watermarks are allowed on final versions of the artwork.
  • The submission needs to be themed around Team Fortress 2.


Tips and Guidelines

  • Backgrounds on the backpack.tf index are set to always scale to fit the browser viewport. You can see this by resizing the window. Because of this, you don't have to worry about having any edge other than the bottom-most one merge into a single colour.
  • Keep it mellow. Don't distract the user with things that stand out.
  • Work your background to fit around the site's layout, we need to see how it will look with the boxes already on the homepage.
  • Logo downloads can be found here


Good luck! 🙂


- the backpack.tf team

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Alright gamers!!! You get to be clued in on something as to why we're hosting this right now.


For the first time in a long time, backpack.tf is getting a complete redesign and part of the changes include a wider layout and a darker gamut. Unfortunately, a number of the existing backgrounds are too bright and just don't work at all on the new design. So, we would like to retire these, and in their place, have something brand new.


As much as we could have kept this a secret, we don't want to break a long-standing tradition with holding community contests to decide what gets put onto the frontpage. More information on the redesign will be formally announced later this month. But, we would love to release it complete with new artworks.


We'd like to share how the layout will look on a standard DPI desktop. The general layout has more-or-less remained the same, however the appearance is a lot darker. You'll notice there's a fair amount of space on the top-right side. This is your free real estate.


Attached is the new layout with a transparent background; you can use this to overlay your artwork and gauge how suitable it will be on a dark theme. Also attached is an example of an artwork which, in our opinion, complements the new interface rather well (credit: misteremre on DeviantArt).



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1 hour ago, fisk said:

as to why we're hosting this right now.

Oh, i was expecting to see a pricing event soon when i saw the new contest, but this makes more sense now :D

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So everyone is aware, submissions are now closed! The staff team will be reviewing these submissions and deciding who our winners are soon so stay on the lookout!

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