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api/classifieds/list/v1 not work


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Hello, I have problem related Backpack.tf API. When I try create buy order, i get response:

    "listings": {
        "7140702751": {
            "error": "Warning: Undefined array key \"timestamp\""


What is wrong? I use Postman for request. Here are the JSON request parameters: 

"token": "secret:)",

"listings": [{
    "intent": 0,
    "id": 7140702751,
    "item": {
        "item_name": "Dead Cone",
        "craftable": "",
        "priceindex": ""
    "offers": 0,
    "buyout": 0,
    "details": "test api",
    "currencies": {"metal": 1}


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Warning: Undefined array key \"timestamp\"

Is something I discovered happening right after the V2 API endpoints got implemented. The error means that the item is not in your backpack.tf inventory.

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