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How can I attach strange stat clocks onto Australiums?


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I have seen people on backpack.tf have pro killstreak aussie rocket launchers, but they have stat clocks attached onto them. The one i traded for doesn't have that. What can I use to attach the stat clock onto it? The only reason I want it is so I can see on the weapon how many kills it has.

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30 minutes ago, UncleIroh said:

I know that, but i would like to see the kills I have on the side of the weapon.

It's impossible. You can only see the stat clock counter in-game on decorated weapons. There are 2 cases:

-get a strange warpaint or strange skin via unboxing, trading etc.

-use the civilian stat clock counter tool and apply it on non-strange civilian grade weapons. You CANNOT use this tool on weapons of other grades.

Speaking of the "I see 'stat clock attached' on the item description when checking an item on backpack" thing, for whatever reason every strange item in backpack is classified as having the stat clock counter as attached; the thing is, this is truly related to skins and warpaints only.

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