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New features for site.


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Hello there guys, I have new suggestions for site to make Advanced Classified Listinigs search better. There is only 2, but they are useful.



1st. Strange part picker (Like paints, spells, particle effects etc.)



[For example] This site has in advanced search option paint, where you can pick orders with paint, which helps a lot. So why not add feature that allows pick strange part that you need. This can help people that search strange parted items, that they needed. I think it's gonna be good update for site.



2nd. Type of orders (Something like cross listenings on marketplace.tf, but different)



I would like if we could pick type of offers that we want to see in classifieds like: Bot offers, negotiable non-friend offers, negotiable friend offers, non-negotiable non-friend offers, non-negotiable friend offers. I like trading with people more than with bots, and I want to see offers that was made by human, not bot. It also can be useful feature for any other people. I think we need this on site

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Strange parts i don't know but TF2 Trading Enhanced adds an option to search for halloween spells directly from the "expand" page, might come in useful for you in the future


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I meant add option in Advanced Classified Listinigs search, which allows you to pick spells, paints, particle effects and either.

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