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I got scammed


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14 minutes ago, aaravats said:

Hey guys i recently got scammed is there any to get my items back?

Hello, there is no way to get your items back. The only way you can get it back if the Scammer themselves decides to give you back the item(s) which will not happen. You can however still report the user on the site, if they are not banned/marked.

A guide on reporting can be found here - https://forums.backpack.tf/topic/53663-guide-for-reporting-on-the-main-site/

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Unfortunately Steam doesn't refund scammed items anymore. you'll have to learn from this time and make sure it doesn't happen again

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Very bad habit of new traders that never check the users backpack profiles or trust before they trade. You fell for a common festive/festivized scam and lost your unusual. As the others said, you can report him on his profile with the evidence.

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