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tf2 pyrovision goggles theory.


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I have a theory that the pyrovision goggles are a prototype pyro mask(Note when I say pyroland I mean the prototype one not the full one). Reason 1: The characters aren't babies like in meet the pyro. Reason 2: The rainblower the lollichop etc are special versions only visible in pyroland and the reinicore and ballonicore are the owners of pyroland that follow people that it thinks is worthy of following. Reason 3: Most weapons are normal in pyroland. Reason 4: Reason 4 is safety measures the pyrovision goggles were meant for testing they had to make it a gas mask so the pyro wouldn't die from his own fire. Reason 5: I have the reason why the pryovision goggles can see a couple of maps is because they were only tested on those few maps to see if it was fully functioning. Now you may be asking why would they make the the pyro mask is general heres why its meant for people whos been through trauma and want a place to escape and not worry about anything. That's my shit theory hope you enjoyed it.                                                                                                                                                                 

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