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Trying to learn Unusual Trading

rose-gold phantom

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rose-gold phantom

I want to start unusual trading, but don't have any idea on how to make any kind of profit, but do know a bit of stuff about the economy from YouTube, et cetera, so I thought I might post something here since someone probably knows more about the economy then me!

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i recommend you starting with low tier trading for a while before going for unusuals, also for me you should start unusual trading with around 20-30 keys.


making low tier help you get the basis of trading and help you dont make so much errors , in that case you should buy around 3 keys. 




for unusual trading you should buy near buy orders in most low/mid tier and try to evoid very low margins.

also i would recommend evoid bad effects unless they are in good hats or they are given at around a few ref over buy orders and there´s enough margin.

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