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Selling tf2 fan art


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I just started 4 days ago to make TF2 fan art, I have already made some posters. If you want me to make any TF2 posters for you, just add me over steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/shreksswampistooop/

The picture with the sniper is only one I've made, I've made 3 more posters, just type to me, and I can show you them, unfortunately I can't add more pictures on this post, since I can max upload 500mb, and my  pictures are 295 mb.


Steam avatar (only show's the head of the class, look at the yellow heavy): 2 keys

Full body: 3 keys

2 or more classes in one picture: 4 keys

Sniper loadout.png

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If you need to upload more pictures you can upload them in an imgur album and post the links in your comment 😎👍

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