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Skin price help

Bob Baguette

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Hell, thought about getting all my skins priced just in case I was to cash out one day

Crossbow is Smissmas Village
Tomi is Cabin Fevered

Black Box is Bank Rolled




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Can't find enough info myself right now for the two smissmas skins so I'll let others that know more do those.


Black Box:

https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/440/Strange Specialized Killstreak Bank Rolled Black Box (Minimal Wear)

1 for sale at $9.34, no recent sales.

https://backpack.tf/stats/Strange/Specialized Killstreak Bank Rolled | Black Box (Minimal Wear)/Tradable/Craftable

1 for sale at 5 keys for 12 days


So probably about 4-4.5 keys ($9-$10 USD) on the Black Box.

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If you're going to cash out "one day" prices for today won't help you then. Just look at scm and the base warpaint price then subtract 10-40%.

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