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Pricing an unpriced unusual


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Stormy Storm priced at 11, one for sale at 13 unsold for 3 months


Bubbling has an old price, one for sale at 10 keys for 12 days



I'd put blizz storm at 12-13 keys.


Real talk though wtf is this hat? Why is almost every price on it outdated by 2-4 years with none for sale despite all of them having 3-8 in existence? are there multiple Katyusha collectors or something?

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Recent sales on this hat:



4 keys match here




You seemed to have paid 20 keys


A price suggestion at 20 is impossible since you are reselling it for lower


It's probably about around 12/13 keys as mikey said. As far as why the price on the Katyusha is outdated, we don't have enough active price suggestors :D

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