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Backpack.tf inventory sorting


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Hey, so I want to move specific things around in my inventory on my backpack.tf inventory view so if people come and look at my inventory on backpack.tf, its sorted. But i don't know how to move specific items around. I know that there's a grouping button, but it doesn't have very much varability. Thanks!

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The title and question was a little misleading and confusing.
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If you aren't using any software to help you, you have to do it manually




This is somewhat useful in moving multiple items at once.


This is from the site itself:


Q: Can I get VAC banned or punished for using this?
A: Back when I just started working on this, I asked Robin Walker (VALVe employee and one of the founders of TF) whether it'd be alright (this was after the idling incident), and he said it was okay as long as I don't give you guys huge advantages over the in-game inventory handler.


Personally I've used it and never been VAC banned but I guess use at own risk.


But yeah, manually takes a bunch of time

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nono i mean like in backpack.tf inventory how do i move it around on backpack.tf the website but thanks though

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I think Backpack.tf just mirrors how you sorted your items in your ingame inventory. You can select different ways to sort items by clicking the "Group by page" text in the filters box. As far as I am aware you can't move single items in your bp inventory, just select the way you sort them.

 (Correct me if I'm wrong).


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