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Price check for weapon skin.


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39 minutes ago, Keks said:

not the best with skins like these but id price it at 700-ish?


Is that with or without the pro kit?

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4 hours ago, Havok said:

Unboxed this one a while back, just curious what the price would be.

Elf Melter.jpg

This can easily fetch 450 to 750~ keys, strange unusual elite grades are incredibly rare, the fact you got it in minimal wear, isotope, AND on a matching skin just adds to that desirability. If you ever plan on selling it though, be very careful with item offers, and when it comes to unusual weapons, patience pays off. Good luck!


(btw as a Terraria fan, I really like the name lol)

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Someone has to say it....

Rip, one of the worst elite grade skins 😕


I'm gonna be a downer and say closer to 300-450 keys because of that and the fact it's already applied.

2019 pro strange mw iso air strike $339 on a *worse* skin

2020 pro strange ww hot paint $699 on a *better* skin

Granted there's been some big ass bubble in the past year inflating everything hence the 300-450 range and not a 250-350 like I want to say.


I can maybe see that 700 key price if a pyro main was dead set on having a strange unusual elite and wasn't able to get a different skin in a timely manner but like the other dude said that's gonna take patience.

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