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Backpack Tags - Glitches?


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Just a short personal issue I've noticed with the tagging system in our backpack inventories. As much as I love the notion of them as well as the utility to convey a message at a click or tap, I often have more frustration with making new ones or changing them as of lately. Whether or not this is by design or as I figure to be unintended, whenever I try to change the color or change the text of a tag on an item, it will often change at first and later disappear. I've had new tags given to new items completely vanish, to the point where I had copy pasted the same text for each (As I'm a collector and don't really trade, so obv NFS) and all of them reset thereby later or the day after to nothing. Either I'm stupid and missed some sort of memo all these years, or they're bugging out. While it's obviously not that important and far more cosmetic than anything, at the very least if it is a bug, a fix or patch would be appreciated. I don't know if anyone else has this issue. It's mostly happened to me upon doing so in a mobile browser but I've also experienced it while using Google and Opera on my PC, so I assume it's an issue within the site.

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