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I need help on the trust system


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Your contributor tag is not a trust indicator, trust is located here https://backpack.tf/trust/76561199089610290, You can earn points for your contributor badge by voting on price suggestions and making ACCEPTABLE price suggestions, note that closing your suggestion will only lose you little amounts of points when compared to a moderator closing it, which in that case, you will lose points equal to the amount of downvotes you get, this is done to avoid suggestion spamming and encourage high quality suggestion making.
https://backpack.tf/suggestion/606b001e32557367d82acee0 what you did here is not necessarily wrong but as per the rules, not allowed. 

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2 hours ago, Goldman Sachs said:

Your rep says 0 so it might be a visual bug.

Nah, -rep points on contribution disappear after a while (1 day per -1 point iirc)

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