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Untradeables, gift-wraping, and pricing


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I have been clening my inventory because i no longer play and i need the cash (selling on steam marked). i was curious to see how my untradeables were priced- and i couldnt belive it.

It said that Lugermorphs and Licence to maim both go for 200+ keys(here on Backpac). that cant be right, right? the luger is: not tradeable, not marketable Tags: uniqe. The licence to maim is the same)

I know that poker night at the inventory has been removed from steam store, but i just cant wrap my head around that they can be worth that much. in my earlier days i sold some other PNATI stuff, and giftwrapping is still a thing i think. 

My question is really; am i mad, the world mad, or did i stumble across a finely aged cheese? 

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Gift wraps can no longer be used on untradeable items unfortunately (See: Patch notes).

The suggested values you were looking at (most of them outdated) are for the tradeable version of these items.


Untradeable items that were gift-wrapped prior to this patch can still be traded, however they'll be bound to the account that unwraps them. (example)

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Oh, thats unfortunate. So basically everything thats in my inventory marked as Untradeable and unmarketable is just laying there, never to be used again.

Thanks for the answer! 

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