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Price for Unusual Flippin' Awesome taunt


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What do you all think the Static Shock Flippin' Awesome taunt should be priced at? I am kind of new to unusual trading, so I'm next to useless, but hopefully some of you could educate me. I have one myself, so curiosity is also a part of why I want to know.

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One sold on Marketplace at ~14 keys https://marketplace.tf/items/tf2/1107;5;u3044

There are currently 2 sellers at ~12 on there too as of now, so 14 might be high, which is around 11 keys after fees.

If I were you, I'd list it at around 10 in pure if you want a reasonable sale, if you're willing to wait you could list a bit higher. Given the 2 Marketplace.tf sellers I wouldn't go higher than 12 though

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