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Hi-yo yall's o/  I've been open for commissions for drawings for a little while now and somebody suggested I try and post my announcement here. So here goes o$o!


I am going to move out of my national country to live with my boyfriend in about a year or so and I'm needing to collect money for the trip to have a stable settling in. To do that, I draw as a hobby, and thought I'd be smart posting my commissions around to achieve my goal. If you are interested, take a look at some of my pieces attached to this post along a little cheat-sheet and feel free to contact me to have a commission from me!


Depending on what you'd like, prices will range from 30-50 euros to 100-140 euros. It can be more, or less, if what you desire is complex in nature.

Details about what you wish for will always be discussed privately through Steam or Discord, of course!

♥ Feel free to add me so that you may hit me up if ever you decide to buy art from me. ♥ 

https://steamcommunity.com/id/aStupid/ is my steam! Be sure to leave a comment on my steam profile if you add me there to let me know what it's about :)

𝘙𝘦𝘢𝘱𝘦𝘳#6666 is my discord!


  • Please be aware that despite being able to draw full-bodies, chibbis, portraits, anthro or animals, etc., I will not draw a complicated background!!!  ♥ You can ask for your finished commission to either be on a transparent PNG background, or a simple colour ♥ 
  • You will always be kept up to date if you ever commission from me on how the drawing is going, expect at least  a weekly WIP update with a ONE MONTH deadline!
  • Once details and all the rest of the commission have been discussed, first half of the payment must be sent on my Paypal (I will send it privately!), then you will receive a partially covered , very watermarked product in a smaller size to see with you if you want any last minute changes etc., then receive your full-sized, finished product once you finalize the second half of the payment!
  • I will only start working once I have received the first part of the payment and send the finished product once you tell me you like what you received and have paid the second half of the payment!


Those who cannot/don't want to pay for some art yet, feel free to share this around to others who are in need of commissions, I'll be forever grateful :)


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16 hours ago, ApolloTheLion said:

i have to say, that butch hartman style is fucking fire dude, i was like omg that's danny phantom aesthetic 

Ohgosh, thank you so much haha! I grew up watching those kind of cartoons and obviously, Danny was the bae so I watched that show a hella lot and growing fond of the style! :'P 

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