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What's up with these Jill impersonators?

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Abusive Step Dad

They go on random accounts. Say they reported you for scamming. Ask you to friend them on discord. Then ask for your trade link? Anyone have a clue to why and what the hell they want to get out of me? I usually play along to get their discord account and see if they have any malicious intent (other then impersonation.) I already got 4 people, in 2 days.


Funny thing is I never give them my actual trade link. I always just put in some random numbers for the token and partner, and they never seem to notice?


Here's one of them btw to just show you how it looks like (This one just seemed like a test run for that impersonator to be honest. No idea what he was doing): https://imgur.com/a/5fWXkmf

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I noticed that if you meet at least one of these criteria, you'll get targeted more often by scammers:

  • Low Steam Level
  • Low TF2 hours
  • Young account (years of service you can count on one hand)
  • Have not played TF2 for a long period of time
  • Unboxed/bought a new unusual

I should also point out that if you've been scammed before, they will try even more often.

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Abusive Step Dad

I have 1.2k hours on tf2. I do have a steam level 3- but thats only because I play tf2 and literally nothing else. I play tf2 almost every day and I traded up for an unusual.

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