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Making Free GMod Posters/Profile Pictures!!!

Purple Smart

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Hello! I'm opening free GMod requests! I can make you a profile picture, poster or others (add me to discuss)!


Describe how you want it look:
  •Cosmetics (can do most Unusual effects)
  •Weapons (Festive or Skins that are available)
-Background (Colored or Maps, TF2 or others)
-Pose (A reference photo would be nice if possible)

If you want something non-TF2, lets discuss in DMs and lets see if we can make it work.

Why would I do this?

  • I opened up my first free request from a FB TF2PH Group, and only few requested.
  • I'm running out of ideas


Contact Info:
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060863109/
Discord: VaniArts#7751 (Preferred)

Some of my works so far:


  • Profile Pictures

Commish Sheet V1 - Pfp by VanillaDoesDA


  • Poster



[GMod] Pyro in the Bonfire
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More posters examples:



[GMod] Shuppet Recreate

More can be found here:

(UPDATE: Added the Important Notes):
The Important Notes:
-Poster/s may take up to 2-3 days, depending on my IRL Schedule
-Profile Pics may take up to 1-2 days + more if you want custom BGs, depending on my IRL schedule
-External programs, such as photoshop, maybe used. Since its my first time doing GMod screenshots, I am inexperienced. So expect less flashy edits.
-I'll be sending WIPs to you to see  if its up to your liking
-Posters will be rendered in  9:16(1080x1920), 16:9(1920x1080) or 4K resolutions, but I can change them if you wish.

Edited by Purple Smart
Added the important notes because I was sloppy last night
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  • 8 people are interested (A lot of work for a newbie like me), so I'll be closing this post if it reaches a total of 10
  • 6 have responded to me so far
  • If the other 2 doesn't respond for 3 days, I'll open up their slots for you guys

Don't be shy, send me a friend request and we'll discuss 😄

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  • 2 weeks later...

UPDATE: Sorry for not updating anything for the past weeks. Got busy :c

For anyone still interested, I'll be opening my request up until this Saturday.

Don't be shy and send me a request 😄

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