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I need unusual trading tips(i want pure)

The Radiated Banana

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Ive got 8 unusuals:

Cloud 9 Cadaver's Cranium

Stormy Storm Helmet Without a Home

Dead Presidents Demo Fr-0

Cloud 9 Timeless Topper

Haunted Ghosts Boron Beanie

Disco Beat Down Soldered Sensei

Orbiting Planets Base Metal Billycock

Overclocked Attendant


I really want to get rid of these, for preferably pure. Can someone suggest what to quicksell it at? (Or any other tips to trading them really)


I dont even know why I traded for them. They look like shit. I missed the days when the only unusuals to trade were the non 2013 ones(cool and not cancerous)

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say "SUPER QUICKSELLING ONLY PURE, PRICES ARE FIRM!", ask all your friends to bookmark cuz noobs will think it's a better deal (not really).


Then go to backpack.tf, take the low-end price times 0.7 or 0.8 and quicksell for that.

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They're almost all at least one of the following: robo hats, robo effects, new effects, or new hats. Ouch.


Stick em all in one trade on outpost for any offers, forget about them and get back to normal trading for a bit, make some small profits until you can afford to get back into unusuals and take more care this time with what you buy and what price you pay. Take any reasonable offers you get on your current unusuals.


Offer them around; find some hats you feel would sell easier and make an offer on em, with some overpay on your end, just to get to something you can sell more easily.

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