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Price Check on Violent Wintertide Reindoonibeanie


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A buddy of mine's girlfriend just unboxed one with one key after first launching tf2 and playing, go figure.




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Looking at the hat's stats page https://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Reindoonibeanie/Tradable/Craftable/169 there are 3 sellers at around 55-60 keys and buy orders are up to 39 keys. Looking at the same hat with the effect's other colors (Blighted Snowstorm and Pale Nimbus) they seem to have quite similar listings though both are a bit lower with Blighted Snowstorm being the lowest since there are almost the same amount of them as there are PN and VW combined. I would say that the hat could probably sell for around 40(qs)-50 keys depending on how long your friend's gf is willing to hold on to the hat and also a bit on how lucky she gets.


Also congrats to her on the unbox, pretty lucky :D

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