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I HAVE A QUESTION! About suggestions and google docs. :D

a peanut

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What are you opinons on using a viewable, but not editable, google document to hold proof for a key suggestion?


For this idea I thought of a few pros and cons, I'm hoping they can be discussed, debated, solved, etc.

First, I'd like you to take a look at the one I was working on last night, but then decided to sleep instead of continue: example.



  • Removes that huge wall of proof.
  • Allows for very clear and precise organization, proof can be color coated to show when it was added, can be arranged in columns, like in mine.


  • I'm sure someone could find a way to manipulate this.*
  • The proof isn't front and center.
  • Document can be removed on accident

*If this gets decided upon as something that can be implemented, maybe some rules could be implemented towards the presentability of the document.  I understand that this can be a hassle though. 


So, let me know what you think, I'd like to keep this organized, and well thought out. If you have any of pros and/or cons let me know and I can edit them into this post giving you credit as well.  

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I think it's better to have the proof right on the suggestion. Comments have plenty of formatting options with BBCode, and if the document gets deleted at a later date it'll make the suggestion more suspect to outside observers

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I don't personally see it as necessary, so I would be against enforcing it.

kind of my thought as well, it's really not necessary, but I suppose it's just above and beyond. :P  Alright, well I'll just lock this meow. 

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